I'm Leaving You

by Not



-Hey, relationship partner, I got an email saying that you gifted me an album called "I'm Leaving You" by somebody called Not.
-Yeah, Not, that's the name under which an ambient musician named PJ Ex releases his songs.
-Is that his real name?
-I dunno. I think it's maybe a joke about how people mispronounce his actual name? But I don't know his actual name, so...
-Ambient music, isn't that what they play at hot yoga?
-Yeah, but I think that's not really why he does it, like he doesn't care about people feeling healthy or whatever. He might even discourage you from doing yoga while listening to it, although I think he'd probably be glad if you listened to it at all.
-It kind of sounded like it was recorded under water. Like, it sounded like shit.
-That's just how he does it I think. You know these creative types.
-It was also pretty depressing.
-Yeah, I get the impression that he's kind of a miserable person.
-So why did you send me this?
-Because I don't want to see you anymore and I hope it hurts.


released February 14, 2016



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